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ProPix Product Catalogue 2020

We have a great range of top quality products to display your beautiful images in your home.

All our products are professionally custom made to order.

Orders placed in person at your private viewing session will receive a discount. 10% off individual product & 20% off all product packages.

Alternatively you can place an order by calling Ash on 07738 220575 or send an email to

Please reference the image number you would like printed, the product name / size / colour and quantity.  

PL 21 P1
PL 21 P2
PL 21 P3
PL 21 P4
PL 21 P5
PL 21 P6
PL 21 P7
PL 21 P8
PL 21 P9
PL 21 P10
PL 21 P11
PL 21 P12
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